11:23AM PDT - And we're done! Hands on time now!

11:21AM PDT - Showing their new iPad ad now

11:21AM PDT - Recapping the event now, looks like we'll be going hands on soon

11:20AM PDT - Brian "no TouchID"

11:19AM PDT - Both cases come in Product RED versions as well

11:19AM PDT - $69 for mini version

11:19AM PDT - iPad case for $79, available for both Air and mini

11:19AM PDT - $39 iPad cover works for the iPad mini and Air

11:18AM PDT - New covers/cases

11:18AM PDT - Original iPad mini sticks around at $299

11:18AM PDT - Available later in November

11:17AM PDT - New iPad mini priced at $399 for 16GB/WiFi

11:17AM PDT - Comes in silver/white, and space grey/black

11:17AM PDT - 2x faster WiFi with MIMO (300Mbps 802.11n)

11:17AM PDT - 10 hour battery life

11:17AM PDT - That's A7 powering iPad Air, iPad mini and iPhone 5s

11:17AM PDT - Up to 4x faster CPU than iPad mini 1, up to 8x faster graphics

11:16AM PDT - Also powered by A7

11:16AM PDT - Same number of pixels as iPad Air

11:16AM PDT - 7.9-inch Retina Display

11:16AM PDT - 2048 x 1536

11:16AM PDT - Retina Display on iPad mini

11:15AM PDT - Now talking about iPad mini

11:13AM PDT - Smaller battery than iPad 4

11:13AM PDT - Bigger and smaller?

11:12AM PDT - So while this plays let's brainstorm a bit...iPad Air, next would be multiple display sizes of the iPad Air?

11:12AM PDT - Video about iPad Air

11:12AM PDT - China will get iPad Air WiFi on Nov 1st as well

11:11AM PDT - iPad Air starts shipping on November 1st

11:11AM PDT - iPad 2 is still available at $399

11:11AM PDT - $629 16GB Cellular

11:11AM PDT - $499 for 16GB WiFi configuration

11:11AM PDT - Comes in silver/white, and space grey/black

11:10AM PDT - 10 hour battery life

11:10AM PDT - dual mics, improved backside illumination

11:10AM PDT - 5MP iSight Camera, 1080p HD video, new FaceTime HD camera with larger pixels

11:10AM PDT - Expanded LTE support

11:10AM PDT - 802.11n 300Mbps

11:10AM PDT - First iOS with MIMO

11:10AM PDT - 2x faster at opening files

11:09AM PDT - Up to 8x faster CPU perf compared to iPad 1, up to 72x faster GPU perf than iPad 1

11:09AM PDT - Same 2x increase in CPU and GPU performance as the 5 to 5s transition

11:09AM PDT - M7 included on the iPad Air

11:08AM PDT - Yep, no A7X

11:08AM PDT - A7 SoC

11:08AM PDT - Lightest full sized tablet in the world

11:08AM PDT - vs. 1.4 lbs for iPad 4

11:08AM PDT - iPad Air weighs 1 pound

11:07AM PDT - vs 9.4mm, 20% thinner across the entire device vs iPad 4

11:07AM PDT - 7.5mm thick

11:07AM PDT - 43% thinner bezel

11:07AM PDT - Bezel around it is smaller

11:07AM PDT - 9.7-inch retina display

11:07AM PDT - Wow...implications aplenty

11:06AM PDT - New name?!

11:06AM PDT - iPad Air

11:06AM PDT - Thinner, lighter, more powerful

11:06AM PDT - "Biggest step yet in delivering the vision that is iPad"

11:05AM PDT - Spec-dump imminent

11:05AM PDT - Phil is back on stage

11:05AM PDT - "We've been busy working on the next-gen of iPad"

11:02AM PDT - Video playing celebrating iPad usage

11:01AM PDT - Over 475K iPad apps on the app store

10:59AM PDT - 170 million iPads sold

10:58AM PDT - Now onto iPad

10:58AM PDT - This is really the only way to keep hardware prices high

10:58AM PDT - "We want our customers to have our latest software and access to the greatest new features"

10:57AM PDT - "We are turning the industry on its ear"

10:57AM PDT - My guess is iPads are next

10:57AM PDT - Tim is back on stage

10:56AM PDT - All available today

10:56AM PDT - With the purchase of any new Mac or iOS device

10:56AM PDT - iWork is completely free now

10:54AM PDT - Adding collaboration to iWork for iCloud

10:51AM PDT - All transitions are updated with new physics

10:51AM PDT - Object based animation

10:51AM PDT - Today's presentation was done using the new Keynote app

10:51AM PDT - New effects and animations in Keynote

10:50AM PDT - New format panel on both iOS and Mac

10:49AM PDT - Brand new UI

10:49AM PDT - 64-bit as well

10:49AM PDT - Full file compatibility across iOS/Mac

10:49AM PDT - Pages, Numbers and Keynote are all redesigned for iOS 7 and completely re-written on the Mac

10:49AM PDT - iWork is next

10:48AM PDT - All available today

10:48AM PDT - All iLife apps are free with the purchase of any new Mac or iOS device

10:47AM PDT - You can add new instruments or virtual drummers via in app purchases

10:45AM PDT - Garage Band demo

10:45AM PDT - New look on the Mac version of Garage Band as well

10:44AM PDT - If you have a 64-bit device you can do up to 32 tracks on iPhone/iPad

10:44AM PDT - From 8 tracks to 16 tracks

10:44AM PDT - New UI for iOS 7

10:44AM PDT - GarageBand next

10:44AM PDT - Integrated with iCloud, movies created are automatically available on all devices

10:44AM PDT - Takes all of your movies/trailers/clips, puts them in a single place

10:44AM PDT - iMovie Theater

10:43AM PDT - New UI on the Mac iMovie

10:43AM PDT - Desktop class effects to iOS version of iMovie

10:43AM PDT - Please announce QuickSync support

10:43AM PDT - Now on to iMovie

10:42AM PDT - iPhoto on iPad now gets photo books

10:42AM PDT - Going through iPhoto updates

10:42AM PDT - Brand new versions of iPhoto, iMovie and Garage Band for iOS and Mac

10:41AM PDT - iLife update

10:41AM PDT - Eddie Cue is on stage now

10:41AM PDT - That's all the Mac hardware news today

10:39AM PDT - New Mac Pro video

10:38AM PDT - Over 2000 people across 20 states helping to prepare to build the new Mac Pro

10:38AM PDT - Designed in California, assembled in the US

10:38AM PDT - (at idle)

10:38AM PDT - No louder than a Mac mini

10:38AM PDT - Idles at at 12dBA

10:37AM PDT - Up to 70% less energy consumption than previous Mac Pro, 43W at idle

10:37AM PDT - Available in December

10:37AM PDT - 3.7GHz quad-core Xeon, 12GB RAM, dual FirePro D300, 2GB VRAM each, 256GB SSD

10:36AM PDT - New Mac Pro costs $2999

10:35AM PDT - New version of FCP X optimized for Mac Pro

10:35AM PDT - Dual audio out, 4 USB 3, dual GigE, BT 4.0, 802.11ac, 6 x Thunderbolt 2.0

10:34AM PDT - Up to 3 x 4K displays supported, single and dual-input displays, automatically configured, HDMI 1.4

10:33AM PDT - Thunderbolt 2, up to 6 devices per port

10:33AM PDT - PCIe SSD, up to 1.2GB/s reads, up to 1GB/s writes, up to 1TB capacity, user accessible

10:33AM PDT - Up to 12GB of GDDR5 memory

10:33AM PDT - 2 x AMD FirePro GPUs, up to 4096 SPs (D300, D500 or D700)

10:32AM PDT - 1866MHz DDR3 ECC, quad-channel interface, up to 60GB/s of mem bandwidth, up to 64GB of memory, user accessible

10:32AM PDT - Intel Xeon E5, quad, 6, 8 or 12 core, up to 30MB L3 cache, 40 lanes of PCIe gen 3

10:32AM PDT - "The future of the pro desktop"

10:31AM PDT - Previous gen had 8 fans in it, new Mac Pro has a single fan

10:31AM PDT - Mac Pro update!

10:31AM PDT - That wraps up the MacBook news

10:31AM PDT - MBA and rMBP are the new notebook lineup, the non-retina MBP is not getting updated?

10:30AM PDT - Also shipping today

10:30AM PDT - That includes 2GHz quad-core i7, 8GB of RAM, Iris Pro, 256GB SSD

10:30AM PDT - Previous gen started at $2199, new one starts at $1999

10:29AM PDT - 802.11ac, Thunderbolt 2

10:29AM PDT - PCIe based SSD

10:29AM PDT - Up to 8 hours of battery life

10:29AM PDT - GT 750M is optional though

10:29AM PDT - "discrete GPU perf at 1/4 less power"

10:29AM PDT - Haswell + Iris Pro Graphics (with Crystalwell)

10:29AM PDT - Crystalwell shoutout!

10:28AM PDT - 15-inch rMBP next

10:28AM PDT - New 13-inch rMBP starts shipping today

10:28AM PDT - for a 2.4GHz dual-core i5, 4GB of memory, Iris, 128GB SSD

10:28AM PDT - Previous gen started at $1499, new model starts at $1299

10:27AM PDT - Thunderbolt 2

10:27AM PDT - 802.11ac

10:27AM PDT - 60% faster than previous gen

10:27AM PDT - PCIe based SSD

10:27AM PDT - Up to 9 hours of battery life

10:26AM PDT - up to 90% faster than previous gen graphics

10:26AM PDT - Includes Intel's Iris Graphics

10:26AM PDT - 13-inch rMBP gets Haswell

10:26AM PDT - Thinner: 0.71" thin

10:26AM PDT - 13-inch rMBP even lighter at 3.46 lbs

10:25AM PDT - Now talking about MacBook Pro

10:25AM PDT - Recapping the Haswell MBA

10:24AM PDT - Now it's Phil time, on stage to talk about the MacBook

10:24AM PDT - For free

10:24AM PDT - Mavericks available today

10:24AM PDT - Whether you have Mountain Lion or if you're running Lion or Snow Leopard, Mavericks is free and a single step update

10:23AM PDT - Wow

10:23AM PDT - New era for the Mac: Mavericks is free

10:23AM PDT - the days of spending hundreds of dollars on an OS are gone

10:23AM PDT - Talking about pace of OS releases

10:22AM PDT - Done with the Mavericks demo

10:21AM PDT - I'm excited about Mavericks

10:20AM PDT - Showing off the new Calendar app

10:20AM PDT - The new Safari in Mavericks really is an improvement

10:19AM PDT - iCloud keychain in Mavericks manages passwords across websites for you

10:19AM PDT - Website notifications are supported in Mavericks

10:18AM PDT - Responding to notifications in Mavericks without changing app focus

10:18AM PDT - Talking about document/file tagging in Mavericks

10:17AM PDT - iBooks demonstration, not going to bother live blogging the demo :-)

10:16AM PDT - Mavericks demo now

10:15AM PDT - New apps: Maps and iBooks

10:15AM PDT - Big improvements in multi-display handling

10:15AM PDT - Tags in Finder (and tabs in finder!)

10:15AM PDT - Enhanced Safari, notifications

10:15AM PDT - Now going over app enhancements in Mavericks

10:15AM PDT - Up to 1.8x acceleration when leveraging OpenCL on integrated graphics

10:14AM PDT - this is probably the biggest endorsement of integrated graphics ever

10:14AM PDT - OpenCL support for integrated graphics as well

10:14AM PDT - In the past OS X allocated static memory for graphics, Mavericks allows dynamic scaling of integrated GPU memory size

10:13AM PDT - "focused particularly on integrated graphics"

10:13AM PDT - Graphics perf updates

10:13AM PDT - "Fit 6GB of data in 4GB of RAM"

10:13AM PDT - Mavericks can compress inactive parts of your memory contents

10:13AM PDT - Compressed memory

10:13AM PDT - Up to 1.5 hours longer playing iTunes video

10:13AM PDT - If you take a 13-inch MBA and install Mavericks, you'll get up to an hour longer web browsing on a single charge

10:12AM PDT - One of the biggest missions was to fundamentally upgrade your hardware, get more out of your battery, more out of your memory, and more perf out of your GPU

10:12AM PDT - Three major focus areas: core technologies, features and apps

10:11AM PDT - Craig F is taking the stage to talk about OS X

10:11AM PDT - "Really hard at work on the Mac, exciting new products to show you this morning"

10:11AM PDT - "We still believe deeply in this category, not slowing down on our innovation"

10:11AM PDT - "We have a very clear direction and a very ambitious goal"

10:11AM PDT - "Who knows what they will do next"

10:10AM PDT - "Now they're trying to make PCs into tablets and tablets into PCs"

10:10AM PDT - "They chased after netbooks"

10:10AM PDT - Talking about Mac competition now

10:10AM PDT - Talking about seamless integration of services across all Apple devices

10:09AM PDT - Mac update

10:09AM PDT - Over $13B paid out to developers

10:09AM PDT - 60 billion cumulative downloads

10:09AM PDT - Over 1 million apps in the app store

10:09AM PDT - App Store update

10:08AM PDT - Over 1 billion songs played

10:08AM PDT - Over 20M listeners of iTunes Radio

10:08AM PDT - Woo?

10:08AM PDT - Justin Timberlake quote on screen about iTunes Radio

10:08AM PDT - Now talking about iTunes Radio

10:07AM PDT - 64% of iOS devices are running iOS 7 as of today

10:07AM PDT - Fastest software upgrade in history

10:07AM PDT - 5 days after launch over 200M devices were running iOS 7

10:07AM PDT - Now recapping iOS 7

10:06AM PDT - Maybe a Mac Pro preview, but I don't think that'll be shipping this month

10:05AM PDT - I'm fully expecting rMBP Haswell announcements today

10:05AM PDT - I see Mavericks loaded on a couple of iMacs and Mac notebooks on stage

10:05AM PDT - There's going to be a lot of recapping before we get to the new stuff

10:05AM PDT - Playing a video showing off the 5c/5s launch

10:04AM PDT - Biggest iPhone launch ever, 9M sold as of last month

10:03AM PDT - Recapping the 5s/5c launch

10:03AM PDT - A few updates beginning with iPhone

10:02AM PDT - Tim Cook just took the stage

10:00AM PDT - We're starting!

10:00AM PDT - Engadget spotted us in the audience: http://www.blogcdn.com/www.engadget.com/media/2013/10/apple-live-0188.jpg

09:56AM PDT - "Our presentation will begin shortly"

09:51AM PDT - And the WiFi is amazing: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/3050067240

09:51AM PDT - We just got seated!

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    When is the review of the MBPr 13 inch coming? I'm really looking forward to that one.

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