Noctua might have had a small booth showing off its products at Computex, but it had plenty to show for itself. On the booth was a new and conceptual design with a large aluminum tower heat sink weighing around 1.5 kg. This means processors drawing up to 120 W can be used while eliminating noise levels to zero. Well known for its high-end air CPU cooling solutions and unique color theme, Noctua has designed a completely fanless CPU cooler with the capacity to handle CPU loads of up to 120 W. After speaking to Noctua about this concept design, they stated that the 120 W is guaranteed with this design providing the chassis has adequate convection, and plenty of breathing room. In tighter environments, the...

Magnets, How Do They Work? A Maverick / Streacom Prototype

If channeling Insane Clown Posse in the title was not enough, how about a fully configurable chassis where the user can move everything to every location inside the chassis...

17 by Ian Cutress on 6/14/2018

AMD Demonstrates Working Carrizo Laptop Prototype

In our visit with AMD we got to see something I wasn’t really expecting: a functioning Carrizo laptop. (Note that AMD wouldn't let us take pictures, but they did...

61 by Jarred Walton on 1/8/2015

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