A couple of weeks ago, UL (formerly Futuremark) released the latest test in its ongoing 3DMark gaming benchmark suite, CPU Profile. The premise behind this new CPU-specific test is a simulation to measure how processor performance scales with cores and threads. Normally 3DMark tests are designed to measure overall gaming performance – and thus are largely a GPU benchmark – however this one is a little different since it focuses more specifically on CPU performance. So we wanted to take a look at UL's latest test to get a better idea of what exactly it is testing, what exactly it is trying to accomplish, and just how useful it might be.

UL Delists MediaTek Powered Devices Due To Benchmark Whitelisting

Last week we detailed an article covering MediaTek’s seemingly widespread default inclusion of a benchmark whitelist in their chipset BSP (board support package) – a mechanism that enables more...

18 by Andrei Frumusanu on 4/16/2020

UL's PCMark 10 Adds Battery Life Tests

One of our favorite benchmark suites is PCMark 10 from UL, and today they are announcing that the latest version of their testing suite is gaining some new battery...

0 by Brett Howse on 5/27/2019

UL Delists Huawei Devices Due To Inaccurate Benchmarks

A few days ago we published our article addressing Huawei and Honor’s inaccurate benchmarking behaviour. In a nutshell, we had found out that this year’s devices had introduced a...

33 by Andrei Frumusanu on 9/6/2018

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