12:35PM EDT - Live from WWDC, it's the AnandTech Live Blog

12:37PM EDT - Josh is on photos and Ryan is on text

12:38PM EDT - The show doesn't start for another 20 minutes, but Apple has a large crowd here, so seating started early

12:39PM EDT - This year Apple has expaded the keynote from Moscone to the larger Search Results Bill Graham Civic Auditorium, where they've held previous iDevice events

12:39PM EDT - While not really about the keynote, it's worth mentioning that this environment is really testing the limits of the WiFi/LTE systems in laptops and other mobile devices.

12:40PM EDT - The Razer Blade I'm using has noticeable reception issues at the edge compared to the HTC 10 and Apple Macbook. -Josh

12:43PM EDT - The HTC 10 is definitely faring far better here than the One M7 as well, which is a surprise. By about an extra 4-8 dBm which is a fairly enormous improvement.

12:45PM EDT - There have been rumblings of a focus on services this go around but I'm just sitting here wondering when we'll get new Macbook Pros -Josh

12:48PM EDT - WiFi here is also fairly slow, on the order of 500 Kbps symmetrical so we will be using lower quality images to try and keep things going smoothly here

12:48PM EDT - WiFi here is... tempermetal. So hopefully things calm down once the presentation starts

12:52PM EDT - Today is going to be a busy day. Along with the WWDC keynote, E3 is going on in LA

12:53PM EDT - Microsoft has already announced a new Xbox One hardware revision, and there are still PC and Sony shows to come: http://www.anandtech.com/show/10416/microsoft-announces-xbox-one-s-console-a-slimmer-design


01:05PM EDT - Recap time. Tim is giving a brief overview of the success of the Apple developer ecosystem

01:06PM EDT - Apple is going to talk about four platforms today

01:07PM EDT - Mac, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, and Apple TV

01:07PM EDT - (Yes, that was a 5 item list)

01:08PM EDT - watchOS, TV OS, OS X, and iOS are the four platforms

01:08PM EDT - First up, watchOS

01:09PM EDT - Developered cheered when app launch time was mentioned

01:09PM EDT - Diving right into new features. Discussing launch times on watchOS 2 vs. watchOS 3

01:10PM EDT - Apple's trying to take it all in stride, but launch times on watchOS 2 are legitimately poor

01:10PM EDT - watchOS 3 also adds a dock

01:11PM EDT - Reply options are now built into the message screen

01:13PM EDT - (Apple is blitzing through watchOS announcements very quickly)

01:13PM EDT - Reply options, new watch faces, "scribble" text input

01:13PM EDT - Now it's demo time

01:14PM EDT - Continuing to demonstrate the watchOS speed improvements

01:17PM EDT - Demoing that scribble supports Chinese characters as well as English characters

01:18PM EDT - Also demoing a new SOS mode for easier contacting of emergency services

01:19PM EDT - Now talking about watchOS workout functionality

01:19PM EDT - New feature: activity sharing

01:20PM EDT - Swipe to the right of activity entries to share them with others. Can see how you compare to your friends

01:21PM EDT - You can also smacktalk your friends, for those with a more competitive edge

01:22PM EDT - Now talking about disability accessibility and how to measure activity for wheelchair users

01:23PM EDT - There is now a wheelchair user setting that changes how activities work, and adding activities more suitable for wheelchair users

01:23PM EDT - "There's a lot more to health that just fitness"

01:23PM EDT - New health app: breathe

01:24PM EDT - Deep breathing exercise app

01:26PM EDT - WatchOS 3 will add a number of new APIs as well

01:26PM EDT - Fitness apps can run in the background

01:26PM EDT - SpriteKit and SceneKit are coming to watchOS, as are Game Center and CloudKit

01:27PM EDT - Preview release available today

01:27PM EDT - Final version released as a free upgrade to all users this fall

01:27PM EDT - Next up: tvOS

01:29PM EDT - Coming to Apple TV: Sling, Fox Sports, Molotov.tv (France), and a number of new apps

01:30PM EDT - Siri improvemnts for tvOS

01:30PM EDT - You can now search by topic

01:31PM EDT - Demoing "find high school comedies from the 80s"

01:32PM EDT - Now discussing cable TV provider authentication and how much of a pain it us

01:33PM EDT - New feature: single sign on. Do it once at the OS level, and apps can tap into that

01:33PM EDT - Coming to iOS as well

01:33PM EDT - New dark mode for dark rooms

01:33PM EDT - Auto app downloading to Apple TV is coming as well

01:34PM EDT - Coming over to tvOS from iOS: ReplayKit, PhotoKit, and HomeKit

01:34PM EDT - Dev preview today, final version in the fall

01:35PM EDT - Now up: OS X

01:35PM EDT - Talking about naming and how OS X has been in the name of the OSes since 2001

01:36PM EDT - OS X's name is finally being brought (back) in-line with the other OSes

01:36PM EDT - Say hello to macOS

01:36PM EDT - (What's old is new again)

01:36PM EDT - Next version of macOS: Sierra

01:36PM EDT - Focuses: continuity, iCloud, and the Mac experience

01:37PM EDT - New feature: auto unlock

01:38PM EDT - Automatic unlocking using the Apple Watch as a proximity token

01:38PM EDT - New Feature: Universal Clipboard

01:38PM EDT - (Crowd ooohs before it's even described)

01:38PM EDT - Copy & pasting between iOS and macOS devices

01:39PM EDT - Desktop files will now be available via iCloud as well

01:40PM EDT - Optimized storage: cloud storage of older files, be it photos, documents, mail attachments, or movies

01:40PM EDT - Also being added: a disk cleanup function to clear out caches, trashes, etc

01:41PM EDT - Apple Pay news

01:42PM EDT - ApplePay on the web

01:42PM EDT - Works in conunction with continuity

01:43PM EDT - Bringing on developers already, support in multiple countries

01:44PM EDT - Also new: picture-in-picture support

01:44PM EDT - Last and not least of course: Siri on the Mac

01:45PM EDT - Siri now on the dock

01:45PM EDT - (Sorry about the lack of photos for a bit. Josh broke a cable)

01:46PM EDT - Now demoing macOS Siri

01:46PM EDT - (Siri in Sierra, that can't be a coincidence)

01:46PM EDT - Showcasing photo drag & drop from Siri results

01:47PM EDT - Demoing how all of this works with the universal clipboard as well

01:49PM EDT - Picture-in-picture demo: going PiP with video sources other than video files, such as streaming video

01:50PM EDT - macOS Sierra dev preview today, a public beta later this summer, with a final release in the fall

01:50PM EDT - Now up: iOS 10

01:51PM EDT - Raise to Wake

01:51PM EDT - Also expanding the use of 3D Touch

01:52PM EDT - Demoing how additional 3D Touch actions interact with notifications

01:54PM EDT - (This presentation is very 3D Touch-centric. If you felt like it wasn't being used very often on iOS 9, iOS 10 will change how you feel)

01:54PM EDT - That was a very quick look at the new lockscreen and homescreens of iOS 10

01:55PM EDT - Now on to Siri on iOS

01:55PM EDT - Opening up Siri to developers

01:55PM EDT - Showing how Siri can interact with the WeChat app

01:56PM EDT - Using natural language processing alongside the name of the app

01:57PM EDT - QuickType

01:57PM EDT - "Bringing Siri intelligence to the keyboard"

01:57PM EDT - Better intelligent text suggestions based on context

01:58PM EDT - And better retrieval of contact and location data

01:59PM EDT - Photos

01:59PM EDT - Advanced Computer Vision for Photos

02:00PM EDT - Adding facial recognition, processed locally

02:00PM EDT - (This is where those Series 7XT GPUs will really come in handy)

02:00PM EDT - Can also ID scene types, water, outdoors, etc

02:01PM EDT - Photo clustering by IDing photos that are related

02:02PM EDT - Demo time

02:03PM EDT - Showcasing how iOS 10 is collating all of this information

02:03PM EDT - Identifying trips/vacations, etc

02:03PM EDT - (Josh: this is so HTC)

02:04PM EDT - Automatic video montages...

02:07PM EDT - macOS gets many of these features as well, including the image recognition

02:07PM EDT - Now on stage: Eddy Cue

02:08PM EDT - Showing off a new version of Maps

02:08PM EDT - Better searching, traffic en-route, etc

02:08PM EDT - Integration with car instrument panels; turn-by-turn on your instrument panel

02:08PM EDT - Adding developer integration for Maps as well

02:09PM EDT - Book an Uber inside of Maps

02:09PM EDT - Extensions open to all developers

02:10PM EDT - Demo time

02:12PM EDT - Overall this looks a lot like the old iPod/music app at times

02:12PM EDT - Lyrics support is now built in

02:14PM EDT - Artist Connect is still there

02:16PM EDT - Updated experience coming to all Apple Music platforms, including Android

02:16PM EDT - Apple News updates

02:17PM EDT - (Reminder: AT is on Apple News as well)

02:17PM EDT - News has been given a redesign as well

02:17PM EDT - Adding subscriptions

02:18PM EDT - Using National Geographic and the Wall Street Journal as an example

02:18PM EDT - Breaking news notifications as well

02:18PM EDT - HomeKit

02:19PM EDT - New HomeKit app: Home

02:21PM EDT - Home is built in to Control Center

02:22PM EDT - Home can also do geofencing/geo-aware actions

02:22PM EDT - Phone

02:22PM EDT - Voicemail transcription (in beta)

02:23PM EDT - Adding extension API to allow users to subscribe to services that can ID phone calls (i.e. spam)

02:24PM EDT - VoIP API so that incoming VoIP calls in other apps behave like the Phone application

02:24PM EDT - You can also call out via VoIP-capable apps, which will now show up as options under Contact entries

02:24PM EDT - Messages

02:24PM EDT - Adding rich links

02:25PM EDT - Demoing inline video playing

02:25PM EDT - Bigger Emoji

02:25PM EDT - 3x bigger

02:26PM EDT - Highlighting emoji-able words

02:26PM EDT - Bubble effects

02:27PM EDT - Tapbacks as well

02:28PM EDT - Handwritten messages, sketches

02:29PM EDT - Demo time

02:36PM EDT - Back to announcemnts. Like many other apps, Messages is being opened up to developers

02:38PM EDT - Showing extensions. Stickers, placing lunch orders (group collab), etc

02:40PM EDT - Notes collaboration, conversation view in Mail, image stabilization in live photos, and Safari split view on iPad

02:40PM EDT - Now a word on privacy

02:41PM EDT - Apple is reiterating their stance on privacy and using end-to-end encryption

02:41PM EDT - And how all deep learning takes place locally, instead of on a centralized server

02:41PM EDT - (Apple is, if nothing else, in the business of selling hardware, not data)

02:42PM EDT - Differential privacy

02:42PM EDT - "One More Thing"

02:43PM EDT - A promo video

02:44PM EDT - Dev preview today

02:44PM EDT - Public beta in July

02:44PM EDT - Final version in the fall

02:44PM EDT - Back to Tim

02:46PM EDT - Talking Swift adoption

02:46PM EDT - New iPad app: Swift Playgrounds

02:47PM EDT - Trying to make Swift programming more accessible than ever

02:47PM EDT - Demo time

02:48PM EDT - (This is very LOGO-ish or other click & build coding environments, at first glance)

02:49PM EDT - Very youth-oriented

02:54PM EDT - Dev preview today, public beta next month, and will be in the app store when iOS 10 ships in the fall

02:54PM EDT - Free

02:55PM EDT - Video reel time

02:56PM EDT - (Hypercard, anyone?)

02:59PM EDT - Tim said it would be jam packed and he didn't lie. Apple's needed to go through all of this at warp speed

03:01PM EDT - And that's a wrap



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  • Spoony - Monday, June 13, 2016 - link

    Oh yea, that's not the problem. Sometimes they arrive, sometimes they don't. Sometimes they're in order, sometimes they aren't. Whenever I launch the Messages application on my Mac it randomly reorders the manually sorted sidebar. Reply
  • jaydee - Monday, June 13, 2016 - link

    Did they really need to gather a huge crowd to announce watchOS now has a feature specifically for people in wheelchairs? Voicemail transcribing (Googlevoice has had it for what, 6 years)?. Siri on desktop? No one wonder they buzzed through through everything fast, they didn't want anyone to take time to realize there's almost no substance to anything they're talking about today. They could have tweeted this stuff. Reply
  • Wolfpup - Monday, June 13, 2016 - link

    Honestly the security/privacy stuff is the coolest to me.

    I'm a bit worried about them letting third parties plug in to their various programs...seems like that's a security issue waiting to happen, but I hope I'm wrong.
  • cyberfrost - Monday, June 13, 2016 - link

    New Macbook Pro? Looks like we have to wait till fall this year. Reply
  • SirKnobsworth - Monday, June 13, 2016 - link

    Would be nice to know about it, but I think they usually refresh around September either way. Reply
  • Meteor2 - Monday, June 13, 2016 - link

    Machine learning, at that level, *on device* is pretty incredible. Basically how the hell do they do it?? Reply
  • drainplugofideas - Monday, June 13, 2016 - link

    Hehe, I liked this live blog. Very funny! Reply
  • pencea - Monday, June 13, 2016 - link

    Pathetic, it's been over two weeks and yet still no review for the GTX 1080, while other major sites have already posted their reviews of both 1070 & 1080. Reply
  • Ranger1065 - Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - link

    So many slides, so few comments, so much wasted space. Does anyone really care? Apparently not at Anandtech. Another step towards obsolescence. Reply
  • The_Assimilator - Tuesday, June 14, 2016 - link

    Yup, Anandtech has officially jumped the shark. They should just rename themselves to MobileTech at this point, because that seems to be their (or should I say Purch's) focus. Endless reams of Apple and Android crap get the click-throughs and the page-views, not tech-savvy users.

    It's sad because AT is the only place I know of that does architectural deep dives. I only hope that the authors responsible for those will find more reputable outlets to publish their work.

    Oh, and before an AT staff member pops up to whine about "illness" or "delays" or some other BS: can it. Two weeks (and counting) is unacceptable in the tech industry, regardless of how good the eventual article is. Publish the review early, publish the deep dive later, but for God's sake publish SOMETHING.

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