I’m a sucker for a big, powerful system. I want the CPU, the GPU, the fast storage, the lot. As a reviewer, I can change my daily system frequently and often, which means it can be hard to pull away from the most powerful bulky units. The appeal of having something small is obviously there, but it’s hard to combine the two into one neat unit. Azza might solve my problems for me.

The 806 Table Mini is a long SFF system that is designed to sit on your desk, with the monitor on top. There’s space underneath for the keyboard, and inside is enough space for a mini-ITX motherboard, a good cooler, a power supply, a reasonably sized graphics card, and on top is a tempered glass panel. The 3.5mm jacks and USB outlets are on the side, with a power button on the front. It looks like the PSU support is almost full ATX, with plenty of space for SATA/U.2 drives, and the only real limitations are in the CPU cooler height.

I believe it is mostly made out of aluminium, with Azza looking to sell this model at the end of the year. The person on the booth at Computex said it would be retailing for around $250, which is rather high.

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  • khanikun - Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - link

    The problem with that would be the possibility of the monitor's stand not being able to support it. It's be better to go the other way. Have a VESA mount on the case and mount the monitor to it.

    Course it's already been done in either configuration. Lian Li has a VESA mount kit for their PC-Q09 case. Chieftec made a case a long time ago that had a VESA mount to connect your monitor to it.
  • rrinker - Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - link

    Yes, - for less than ultra performance systems, this is definitely the way to go. See it in many offices, a small case machine is PLENTY powerful enough for typical office workers, no reason to build that in a full ATX case, or have it take up a huge chunk of desk space. But so far no one has managed to figure out how to cram a top tier CPU AND top tier video card in such a small form factor, let along keep it from melting. I've done similar for my workbench, which does not need to be a gaming class system, though I used a more traditional mini-itx cube form factor which sits way back in the corner (I do need lots of USB, so putting the computer on the back of the display which is mounted on an arm would mean a ton of cables running down the arm). Out of the way, takes little room, and as mentioned the display is on an arm and takes up no desk space. Biggest issue really is the keyboard and mouse - I don't like the real small keyboards without number pads (especially as I do a lot of math at this computer) so I got a compact keyboard with number pad, but it's still rather large (I also want mechanical keys, so the really small keyboard with shrunken keys are just no). What I probably need is one of those arms with the basket thing to hold the keyboard when not in use. All this is independent of my main desktop which is in a full ATX mid tower with plenty of room for a large graphics card and CPU cooler. It sits on the floor with the side that would have a clear panel against the desk, so no clear panels, no useless RGB lights on everything. I need to get a dual monitor arm for those displays, my desk is huge but more clear space on the top never hurt anyone. Reply
  • mdrejhon - Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - link

    I am old enough to remember desktop computer cases that had to hold up a heavy 21" CRT computer monitor.

    Back in my day, computer cases came in two form factors -- tower format and desktop format.

    You actually had to put a monitor on top of a computer back in the olden days!
  • valinor89 - Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - link

    A lot of office PC from the last 10 years are like this. I have a slim HP tower that is made to work on both a vertical or in an horizontal configuration with the monitor on top. Reply
  • Manch - Wednesday, June 5, 2019 - link

    At this point, I'd rather have a desk/case Reply

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