The N2A2 NAS appliance comes with a 60W AC adapter, an RJ-45 cable, product installation guide and a couple of software CDs.

In order to set up the NAS, there is no need to install any of the softwares on the CDs. Pointing the browser to the IP of the NAS and logging in with the default credentials (admin/admin) enables one to administer and set up the NAS for a particular environment.

By default, the two disks are organized and visible over the network as individual disks. The hard drive volumes may be configured in one of multiple ways:

  1. RAID0 (Striping)
  2. RAID1 (Mirroring)
  3. Linear (JBOD)
  4. RAID1 + Linear (JBOD)
  5. Individual Disks (Default)

For the RAID1 + Linear (JBOD) configuration, the amount of disk space allocated to each volume type is configurable.

In the rest of this piece, we will restrict ourselves to the two configurations of interest, namely, RAID 0 (for performance) and RAID 1 (for redundancy).

On the whole, the setup process is painless. The NAS is also DLNA certified and offers a host of other features like FTP and web server as well as Torrent services. The LG N2A2 NAS offers the right balance of features and options for the home consumer.


Introduction LG N2A2 NAS Platform


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  • Visual - Tuesday, July 19, 2011 - link

    Stop wasting time with crap like this.
    If you mean to review NAS boxes, find some that are actually worth it, with space for 5 or 6 3.5" drives in RAID 5, preferably with hot-swap support, or just don't bother.
  • ganeshts - Tuesday, July 19, 2011 - link

    Point noted. But, we also need to target home consumer solutions.

    The 5 / 6 drive RAID5 solutions you mention are targeted towards SMBs, and we do cover those too. By the way, we have two boxes which came in after this currently in the review queue (QNAP and Netgear), and I am just starting out with the benchmarking for those.
  • dhiiir - Friday, July 22, 2011 - link

    I have been using Version 1 for several years and it works great. Version 2 is getting good reviews although a few people were upset that it doesn't continue the use of Drive Extender. That didn't bother me too much as there are add-ons for DE if you really feel you need that functionality. The Newegg price for WHS is very tempting.[[ w w w -( upsfashion )- c o m ]]I personally feel that the site is very good, there are many things we need, so I want to share with everyone. I believe you will like it. Reply
  • freez3 - Saturday, February 11, 2012 - link

    Hi @ll,

    first many thanks to AnandTech for the great testings on this NAS.
    It was very nice to see that you have also a deep lock at last single detail,
    data recovery when the main board breaks down.
    You have done a great job!

    Did some body has experience with the NFS shares on this LG NAS?

    I was a little bit surprised as I have seen this feature in the Web Interface,
    because of it was not tested here and it was also not in the feature list of LG and shop I've bought it

    After a quick test, the disillusion I've realized that NFS on N2A2DF2 is very slow only 2 MB/S writing,
    with a mirrored 2TB HDD drives.

    Perhaps one of my settings are wrong.

    Thanks for your help!


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