Customizable RGB lighting is now featured on virtually all PC components aimed at enthusiasts. At Computex, a manufacturer told us that RGB-equipped products outsell non-RGB products 7 to 3, so it clearly makes sense to outfit units with RGB LEDs from a business point of view. Meanwhile, hardware manufacturers tend to install addressable RGB lighting only on premium products. Apparently, Enermax plans to change that.

At Computex, Enermax demonstrated a prototype of an inexpensive computer chassis featuring four fans with addressable RGB LEDs. The PC case will be compatible with ATX motherboards and standard power supplies (which will be covered by a shroud, by the way). The LEDs will be controllable using software from ASUS. ASRock, GIGABYTE, and MSI. As expected, the enclosure will have a tempered glass window. As for the front panel, Enermax is debating whether the final version will have a glass panel or a regular grille. Meanwhile, the enclosure will have dust filters on top and bottom.

The inexpensive RGB PC case project is still in development and at present Enermax even does not have a name for the chassis — it’s called “Enermax New RGB Case.” Meanwhile, Enermax is confident that it will be able to sell the unit for $70 in the U.S. Practically, Enermax plans to release one of the most affordable PC cases with ARGB lighting controllable using software from leading makers of motherboards. The manufacturer plans to release the new chassis by the end of the year, but the company prefers not to make commitments for exact timeframes.

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  • timecop1818 - Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - link

    Just what the world needed, yet another fucking RGB case. I don't think the price is what's stopping me and other normal people from buying this stuff.
  • AdditionalPylons - Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - link

    I agree. Not all case makers fall for RGBs though. For example, I was positively surprised to read Streacom's announcement of their DA2. "How about this for an idea, a case that considers cooling might actually be more important than RGB lighting."
  • sing_electric - Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - link

    Man - hadn't seen the DA2, but that thing looks nice, like a good job shrinking the PowerMac G5 or (pre-trash can) Mac Pro while actually improving ventilation. And it means if you're in a job where a client might actually have to see your rig, they wouldn't be afraid that you're going to cheat them out of their money while betting on an Overwatch team or something.
  • rrinker - Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - link

    SO true. My computer sits on the floor (well, on the bottom shelf of one of those post and wire stands alongside my server, printer sits on top) and even if it did have a window, you couldn't see it. Why must everything (and not just computer components) be adorned with multitudes of blinken lights? Someone mentioned in the post about the RGB SSD - it gives validation to the Sci-Fi showing the 'future' as being everything full of flashing colorful lights. The only computer I have that sits on top of a desk is the one on my workbench, but that is a mini-ITX cube which, even though I used shorter cables, is still a mess inside because I didn't spring for a fully modular power supply for it, so I wouldn't want to show the insides of it anyway. And I really ought to just make a shelf under the bench to hold it, but the far corner is mostly useless anyway. I guess I've reached the "get off my lawn" stage of life, but I care more about the substance inside than the flash on the outside. Even if the RGB version cost the same as an equivalent performance product without RGB LEDs - I wouldn't buy the RGB one. Yes I know, ha ha, look at these people hating on products they wouldn't buy anyway. Doesn't change the fact that it's a silly trend.
  • Dragonstongue - Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - link

    cheers to that m8

    get rid of the mofo RGB and glass/acrylic side panel party, keep pricing at a sane level that does not compromise cooling just to slap a case full of disco lighting.
  • ingwe - Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - link

    I have to say, I really like the glass/acrylic side panels. It is still cool to me after building computers for 15+ years to see the guts of them. That said, I hate RGBs.
  • jordanclock - Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - link

    There are plenty of cases for those that don't want RGB, especially in this price range. Why are you so angry about this?
  • PeachNCream - Tuesday, June 12, 2018 - link

    Their opinions don't threaten you. I'm not sure why you'd worry about the fact that a lot of people aren't interested in RGB-equipped components or find them childishly stupid. Buy the stuff you want with the lighting you feel appeals to you. Its not like anyone is going to come inspecting your living space and call you out for being the person with a window-equipped case that looks like there's a disco party happening inside it and then call you a glow-in-the-dark man baby for doing it.
  • jordanclock - Thursday, June 14, 2018 - link

    Their opinions didn't threaten me, but it's a tired complaint that serves no purpose for real discussion of the product at hand. It's one thing to express why you're disinterested in a product, but acting like it is some grand affront to decency is useless. Again, there are sooo many products without RGB at every price point. The release of new RGB products does nothing to inhibit your ability to buy those products.

    Complaining about RGB on every RGB product article is a waste of time and just makes you look whiny.
  • dromoxen - Sunday, June 17, 2018 - link

    The "LUX AETERNA" crowd will have their way for a while and then polished mahogany or BAmboo cases with Oak chestnut inserts will be all the rage. The "lignum amans" will be in the ascendant.

    And who doesnt want wood ?

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