11:34AM EST - AMD has one of the prized spots on the CES Keynote register. The company gets an highlighted hour at one of the shows prized ballroom setups to offer something bigger and better than any other company doing a keynote. This year, we have AMD's CEO, Dr. Lisa Su, putting forward some of AMD's vision for 2019. I'm going to be sitting as far forward as I can, both in terms of where my seat is in the hall, and on my seat itself. Come back when the keynote starts (9am Pacific, 5pm UTC) to get the low down on AMD's announcements.

11:43AM EST - We're just under 20 minutes from starting

11:45AM EST - Sitting next to TechRadar and Tom's Hardware here in the front row

11:47AM EST - This is one of the CES official keynotes, so AMD gets an hour on the official stage. This is a really nice setup

11:57AM EST - Just met up with CTO Mark Papermaster

11:57AM EST - He seems very happy and jovial. I wonder why

11:57AM EST - A few minutes to start

11:59AM EST - 'Our Keynote will begin shortly'

12:04PM EST - Lights are dimming...

12:05PM EST - Staring now

12:05PM EST - Video

12:05PM EST - 'Where does magic come from'

12:05PM EST - It's a CES opening video

12:06PM EST - >a video all about technology and magic

12:07PM EST - CTA Gary Shapiro to the stage

12:07PM EST - Had some outstanding Keynotes yesterday

12:07PM EST - Today is AMD, with CEO Dr. Lisa Su

12:08PM EST - AMD is behind much of the technology people use every day

12:08PM EST - consumer, server

12:08PM EST - AMD is 50 this year

12:08PM EST - Pushing the envelope developing processors in the industry

12:08PM EST - Lisa Su was CEO in 2014

12:08PM EST - 10 product family launches in 2017

12:09PM EST - AMD Ryzen Threadripper, first 32-core CPU

12:09PM EST - Ryzen Mobile, EPYC

12:09PM EST - redefining the landscape

12:09PM EST - AMD set to launch the first desktop 7nm CPUs and GPUs in 2019

12:10PM EST - Dr. Lisa Su was 2018 Business Person of the Year

12:10PM EST - Dr Su to the stage

12:10PM EST - Opening video

12:12PM EST - Significant moment for AMD

12:12PM EST - First ever CES Keynote

12:12PM EST - Exploring the future of computing

12:12PM EST - AMD is one of the owrld's most innovative companies

12:12PM EST - Powering the most important applications

12:12PM EST - AMD was founded as a startup

12:13PM EST - Grown into a gloabl company of 10k people

12:13PM EST - In 2000, launched first 1 GHz CPU

12:13PM EST - 2003, first x86-64 architecture

12:13PM EST - 2008 first 1 TF GPU

12:13PM EST - 2011, worlds first APUs

12:13PM EST - 2013, highest performing game consoles

12:14PM EST - Trends over the next few years

12:14PM EST - Number of connected devices has transformed every industry

12:14PM EST - 15b connected devices in 2016, expected to double by 2025

12:15PM EST - Data growth in same time is expected to 10x

12:15PM EST - 175 zettabytes in 2025

12:15PM EST - What really excites us how we deliver that performance

12:16PM EST - To do that requires new approaches

12:16PM EST - Phenomenal opportunity to create new leaders

12:16PM EST - Moore's Law is Slowing

12:17PM EST - AMD focuses on pushing innovation beyond the expected

12:17PM EST - Heterogeneous computing

12:18PM EST - Putting them all together in a single solution

12:18PM EST - Pushing the bleeding edge of high perofrmance computing is at the heart of AMD

12:18PM EST - We make decisions today that will affect us 3-5 years later

12:18PM EST - You don't know if they're going to work

12:19PM EST - Today will show a significant inflection point in perf

12:19PM EST - Lots of excitement about Zen 2 and Radeon

12:19PM EST - New system partitioning can make a massive difference

12:19PM EST - Partners will be on stage

12:20PM EST - Gaming, Cloud, Supercomputing

12:20PM EST - First, High Performance PCs

12:20PM EST - 1.5 billion installed PCs worldwide

12:20PM EST - Every year the industry shows the latest and greatest

12:21PM EST - Content creation is primarily done on the PC

12:21PM EST - This keynote has millions of pixels and lots of content to transform visual story telling

12:21PM EST - Graphics and workstations are the tools of choice for the most demanding workloads

12:22PM EST - rendering, gaming, content production

12:22PM EST - In 2017, the best processor for creators had 10 cores and cost over $1700

12:22PM EST - So AMD created threadripper

12:22PM EST - Threadripper is the #1 best selling workstation processor

12:23PM EST - 3x more performance in just a few years

12:23PM EST - Perf/$ is way up

12:24PM EST - FoxVFX use Radeon Pro GPUs

12:24PM EST - Video time

12:24PM EST - Using the best hardware to accelerate the story teller

12:24PM EST - Threadripper has created a shadow empire of rendering capability

12:25PM EST - Threadripper redefines the creative process

12:26PM EST - Covering the ultra-thin notebook

12:26PM EST - Users are choosing this category, making it the fastest growth market

12:26PM EST - AMD brings this performance to the market

12:27PM EST - Longer battery life than anything AMD has ever shipped

12:27PM EST - New 2nd Gen AMD Ryzen Mobile is much faster

12:27PM EST - Windows Modern PC features - voice wake, modern standby, 4k HDR Streaming

12:27PM EST - Up to 12 hours of battery life

12:28PM EST - Up to 10 Vega cores in ultrathin

12:28PM EST - discrete level graphics performance in an ultra-thin form factor

12:28PM EST - Lisa reads Twitter and Reddit and sees the comments that users make

12:29PM EST - From next month, Ryzen Mobile drivers will be avialable direct from AMD

12:29PM EST - Discrete graphics drivers for mobile

12:29PM EST - Ryzen 2nd Gen coming this quarter

12:30PM EST - Computers play a major role for STEM

12:30PM EST - PC is integral for how education plays today

12:32PM EST - Bronx science school uses PCs and servers in the classroom

12:33PM EST - AMD is more committed to deliver in all markets

12:33PM EST - first AMD powered Chromebooks

12:33PM EST - Leading global OEMs will release many AMD Chromebooks this year

12:33PM EST - Now for immersive devices and gaming

12:34PM EST - AMD is the only company that delivers high perf CPU and GPU for PC, Console, and Cloud gaming

12:34PM EST - 400m PC and Console gamers game on radeon graphics

12:34PM EST - Expect 15% CAGR through 2021

12:34PM EST - Gaming brings people together

12:34PM EST - Gamers love technology

12:34PM EST - AMD loves all types of gaming

12:35PM EST - Phil Spencer of Microsoft to the stage

12:35PM EST - It's great to see the growth in gaming

12:35PM EST - Talked on the news

12:35PM EST - Kids today, their first experience with technology is often through gaming

12:36PM EST - Xbox partnership

12:36PM EST - Xbox One X

12:36PM EST - Building the best versions of games

12:36PM EST - Even more indepth, one of the key features was backwards compatibility

12:36PM EST - Playing Xbox and Xbox 360 games on the latest

12:37PM EST - Playing those games better on the latest hardware

12:37PM EST - 2 billion playing video games

12:37PM EST - This is the scale of the market

12:38PM EST - We look at the next decade of gaming

12:38PM EST - Content is key

12:39PM EST - Investing in more first party content than anyone else

12:39PM EST - Gamers are communal, they like to give feedback

12:39PM EST - Community is an important part of gaming

12:39PM EST - Cloud is becoming even more critical

12:39PM EST - Playing any game on any device

12:39PM EST - Requires the silicon

12:40PM EST - Ideally needs no extra work from the developer

12:40PM EST - Bringing the content together

12:40PM EST - So what's next

12:40PM EST - Microsoft works with great companies that do great work in the right way

12:41PM EST - Having a partner such as AMD who works on future technology and at a cultural level is great

12:41PM EST - Partnerships are critically important for the future

12:41PM EST - No official announcement today

12:42PM EST - There's a lot for PC Gamers to get excited about today

12:42PM EST - Recently released the RX 590

12:42PM EST - FreeSync

12:42PM EST - Freesync is an industry standard

12:42PM EST - Freesync is the #1 adaptive sync ecosystem

12:43PM EST - Software is the fastest ramping part of AMD's business

12:43PM EST - day-0 driver support for hundreds of AAA games at launch

12:43PM EST - 2019 edition offers more features and more game performance

12:43PM EST - streaming to other devices

12:43PM EST - We know what is on gamers minds

12:43PM EST - AMD loves gamers

12:44PM EST - Time to meet the next gen of high perf gaming GPUs

12:45PM EST - AMD Radeon VII

12:45PM EST - World's first 7nm Gaming GPU

12:45PM EST - Radeon VII (Seven)

12:45PM EST - 2nd gen vega

12:45PM EST - Enthusiast level gaming

12:45PM EST - 60 Compute units, running up to 1.8 GHz

12:46PM EST - 25$ more perf at same power

12:46PM EST - 16GB HBM2

12:46PM EST - 1TB/sec memory bandwidth

12:46PM EST - All of that compute

12:46PM EST - It's the same as the Radeon Instict MI50

12:46PM EST - +30% in content creation, +62% in OpenCL, over Vega 64

12:47PM EST - Built the GPU for gamers

12:47PM EST - People who want 4K, max settings, max framerates

12:47PM EST - +35% on BF5, +25% on Fortnite, at 4K max

12:48PM EST - Async Compute, Rapid Packed Math, Shader Intrinsics

12:48PM EST - +42% Strange Brigade Vulkan vs Vega64

12:48PM EST - First time Devil May Cry 5 being shown on Radeon VII

12:49PM EST - 4K max, frame rates from 70-110 FPS

12:49PM EST - At the high end market, you need great hardware

12:49PM EST - On par with RTX 2080

12:50PM EST - Ubisoft on the stage

12:51PM EST - Explaining the partnership

12:51PM EST - The Division 2

12:51PM EST - Supporting high FPS and the best visuals

12:52PM EST - It's great to work with ambitious people

12:52PM EST - Taking advantage of what AMD has to offer

12:54PM EST - It shows the ability to collaborate

12:55PM EST - The collaboration will translate into better performance and best visuals

12:55PM EST - The Division 2 will support all of AMD's latest features on launch

12:55PM EST - Ryzen is beautiful for what we do

12:55PM EST - Games are created on PCs, and we are super committed to make the best experience

12:56PM EST - Launches on March 15th.

12:56PM EST - Everyone in the room will get a free game code

12:57PM EST - Team FNATIC to the stage

12:59PM EST - League of legends had 100m viewers

01:01PM EST - Most esports play at 1080p with max FPS and 144Hz+

01:03PM EST - Radeon VII will go on sale on Feb 7th for $699 SEP

01:03PM EST - Retail and OEM systems

01:03PM EST - Bundled with DMC5, Red Evil 2, and Division 2

01:05PM EST - Google Project Stream is using Radeon Pro, 1080p streamed at 60 FPS

01:05PM EST - Cloud based virtualized GPUs

01:06PM EST - Radeon graphics is everywhere, and Google is part of that portfolio

01:06PM EST - A lot more coming this year - next gen CPUs and GPUs

01:07PM EST - Turning to high perf compute

01:07PM EST - Applying compute to the worlds most challenging problems

01:08PM EST - Tremendous first year of EPYC

01:08PM EST - EPYC is winning in the biggest cloud environments

01:08PM EST - Save 10%+ or more to migrate to EPYC

01:08PM EST - FP perf and memory bandwidth is the ideal CPU for HPC

01:08PM EST - Space Exploration through F1

01:09PM EST - Oregon state university video

01:12PM EST - In 2019, AMD will deliver 7nm Datacenter CPUs

01:12PM EST - this is Rome

01:12PM EST - 64 core, 128 threads, 2x perf/socket, 4x FP per socket

01:13PM EST - A demo of early 64-core EPYC vs two Xeon 8180s

01:13PM EST - NAMD simulation

01:14PM EST - EPYC does 9.69 ns/day, two Xeons does 8.45 ns/day

01:15PM EST - Going to talk 2S EPYC soon

01:15PM EST - Start shipping in the mid of 2019

01:15PM EST - Now for RYZEN

01:15PM EST - CES 2019 Preview, 3rd Gen AMD Ryzen Desktop

01:16PM EST - Setting the bar for performance, power, and efficiency

01:16PM EST - PC Gaming demo

01:17PM EST - On a system with 7nm CPU and 7nm GPU

01:18PM EST - Comparing Ryzen 3rd Gen to the competition

01:18PM EST - These are not final clocks

01:18PM EST - Cinebench R15, 8 core Ryzen (not final freq) vs 8-core 9900K at stock

01:19PM EST - Power numbers too

01:19PM EST - 9900K: 2040 at 180W, Ryzen: 2057 at 133W

01:19PM EST - That's system power

01:19PM EST - 30% lower system power

01:20PM EST - Either AMD is blasting ahead on IPC or Freq, or matching Intel at much lower power

01:21PM EST - One eight-core 7nm Chiplet, with a 14nm IO-die, specifically designed for desktop market

01:21PM EST - PCIe 4.0

01:22PM EST - Runs on the same AM4 desktop motherboards

01:22PM EST - Launching in mid-2019

01:22PM EST - more information to come

01:23PM EST - Lisa just mentioned Zen 5 and Navi

01:23PM EST - A lot more to come

01:23PM EST - Lisa loves semiconductors. She loves to push limits to solve tough problems

01:23PM EST - A problem is an opportunity

01:24PM EST - Coming together collectively as an industry

01:24PM EST - Building a future of high perf computing at the foundation

01:24PM EST - Looking back on 2019, we're going to see it as an inflection point in our industry

01:25PM EST - That is a wrap. Check our articles

01:25PM EST - GPU: https://www.anandtech.com/show/13832/amd-radeon-vii-high-end-7nm-february-7th-for-699

01:25PM EST - CPU: https://www.anandtech.com/show/13829/amd-ryzen-3rd-generation-zen-2-pcie-4-eight-core

01:26PM EST - We have a roundtable Q&A with Lisa Su later. Submit your questions to ian@anandtech

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  • TristanSDX - Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - link

    short summary:
    Ryzen 3800X will demolish Intel, while Radeon 3800X (Navi extreme die) will demolish Nvidia
  • Zingam - Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - link

    Nice but unlikely!
  • Zingam - Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - link

    We have yet to see any convincing mobile products.
  • KELYJ84 - Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - link

    Wrong, 2700u is an EXCELLENT mobile CPU, BETTER than the I7 8550u.. what are you talking about? It games for example CS:GO (50fps) at low settings and I bought a Lenovo with this CPU for my mom that had M.2 slot for $449 dollars from staples and its blazing fast at only 15 watts...

    Youtube: "CS:GO Ryzen 7 2700U Vega 10 Gameplay Benchmark Test"

    you can see game play yourself.
  • satai - Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - link

    Better for GPU bound tasks only :-(
  • HStewart - Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - link

    And if Intel laptop is using integrated graphics
  • yomamafor1 - Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - link


    I'm sorry, say what? From the CPU perspective, 2700U definitely is behind the 8550U. From the GPU perspective, 2700U is ahead due to better iGPU.

    Not everyone buys a laptop to play games, and in any other metric that doesn't involve the GPU, 2700U is way behind.
  • imaheadcase - Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - link

    Did you just use CS:Go as a gaming test on a laptop? lol
  • FreckledTrout - Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - link

    Someone is a bit optimistic. :) I am certainly excited to see the keynote.
  • bernstein - Wednesday, January 9, 2019 - link

    highly unlikely but that would be very nice...

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