What in the world is Widio?

Simply put, Widio is basically your run-off-the-mill wireless audio transmitter/receiver system with a few minor twists.

Technical Specifications

Widio Transceiver
Size (WxLxH): 125 x 115 x 40mm
Power: AC Adaptor operates at 100~240V 50/60Hz
Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz
Range with Receiver: 100 meters
Playback Formats: any audio feed that can be fed to 2 x RCA inputs
Dual Transmission Rate: Up to 2 Mpbs (no audio compression)
  • Power (red when inactive, green when active)
  • channel selector (it is actually a dial from 0 to 7 on the back of the base near the power port)
  • Line Inputs: 2 x RCA ports

    Click to enlarge.

    Click to enlarge.

    Widio Receiver
    Size (WxLxH): 65 x 105 x 15mm
    Power: Rechargeable batteries
    Battery usage duration: 4 hours (continuous use)
    Recharge time: ~ 2 hours
    Operating Frequency: 2.4GHz
    (top to bottom)
  • channel scan
  • volume up
  • volume down
  • power
  • Line Outputs: 1 x headphone port
    LEDs on left:
    (top to bottom)
  • power
  • connection
  • charge (all red when active)

  • Click to enlarge.

    The main difference with other wireless audio systems is that the receiver uses a 3.6V 950mAH that can run for 4 hours. However, the receiver can also use the base's AC adapter (power port on the left side of the receiver) to recharge its battery or use it as a power source (even without a battery). We should note, though, that the receiver can only be turned on if the audio cable out is plugged into the receiver.

    The Widio package contains (aside from receiver, battery and base):
    • headphones
    • headphone carrying case
    • receiver belt clip
    • receiver neck strap
    • 2 x RCA to 2 x RCA audio cable
    • 1 x 1/8 audio jack to 2 x RCA audio cable (Y cable)
    • 1 power cable for the base
    Because of the battery, headphone, belt clip, and neck strap package/design, Albatron is actually trying to go over two options for the end user:
    1. The Widio is supposed to be a cross between something like an iPod and a wireless audio receiver. However, the problem with this is that you are obviously limited by the range of the base.
    2. The Widio is supposed to function as a traditional receiver base, but the problem is that Albatron only bundles a single power cable, which means that you have to use it for the base. Thus, the receiver will only function for 4 hours max, until you have to go back and recharge it. That is, unless you purchase an additional power cable for the receiver.

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    • bblake12 - Monday, September 27, 2004 - link

      What you aren't seeing with this device is that you can stream audio to a remote location. For example if you have a reciever in your garage that powers your outdoor setup with this unit you can plug in a Y cable and stream audio from your PC to it. Reply
    • scosta - Thursday, September 23, 2004 - link

      I had to read the article twice to understand what this thing was. So what is it?

      You feed some audio source to the base and then you pickup the receiver box, connect the head set to it and then you hear whatever audio is comming in into the base (but for 4 hours only).

      So this is simply a very stupid version of the many good and inexpensive wireless headphone sets available from many manufacurers, including sony.

      The units are simply ugly and seem to be built from very cheap looking plastic.

      Purporting that this has any kind of iPod functionality is simply ridiculous. According to the article, it does not even work reliably (sound is distorted and with breakes).

      I have a very good looking Sony Wireless Stereo Headphone set, rated to 100 meters, that cost about 80 dolars. It has a very good sound quality ,almost indistinguishable from a good wired headphone set of the same size (big), and it works flawlessly all over my two floor house.

      So, who wants this Albatron thing?
    • ss284 - Thursday, September 23, 2004 - link

      nvm, they are $80
    • ss284 - Thursday, September 23, 2004 - link

      Does anyone know where you can get those headphones? They look incredible. Audio-technica's site makes no mention of them whatsoever.

    • dspiral - Thursday, September 23, 2004 - link

      I want this work!! I have been waiting for a wireless portable player to stream my football games / mp3's / internet streams on sundays while I am cutting the lawn, working on the car, etc.

      does something like this exist? How difficult could this be? I had high hopes for the Widio...


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