TerraMaster has unveiled a new entry-level Thunderbolt 3 DAS, the aptly named TD2 Thunderbolt 3, which is aimed at video professionals who need a relatively small storage device that still provides ample capacity. On the whole the new dual-bay DAS is relatively basic, with TerraMaster aiming to keep the retail price down while still offering enough performance for today's on-set video workflows.

TerraMaster’s TD2 Thunderbolt 3 DAS can house two 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch SATA storage devices operating in single disk, JBOD, RAID 0, or RAID 1 mode (selectable using a hardware knob on the back). At present, the device supports up to two 16 TB hard drives, offering a current maximum capacity of 32 TB. As for performance, TerraMaster says that the DAS can support up to 760 MB/s read speeds when two SSDs are used. To ensure that the drives installed in the DAS do not overheat, the product also has its own cooling system.

The TD2 Thunderbolt 3 DAS has two Thunderbolt 3 connectors to daisy chain the device with another TB3 appliances, as a DisplayPort to easily connect a 4K monitor without using an additional port and/or cable. Meanwhile, it's worth noting that the DAS does not to support power delivery back to the host.

TerraMaster’s TD2 Thunderbolt 3 DAS is now available directly from the company as a barebones device for $249.

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Source: TerraMaster

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  • shabby - Wednesday, January 22, 2020 - link

    Why did I think of coolermaster when i saw their logo.
  • ksec - Thursday, January 23, 2020 - link

    Because they blatantly rip off their logo ?
  • Auraka - Sunday, February 2, 2020 - link

    Same company?
  • jabber - Wednesday, January 22, 2020 - link

    Ahhh a USB DAS with a power button on the front. It's the little things...
  • GreenReaper - Thursday, January 23, 2020 - link

    And a knob on the back, apparently. Pity we can't see that bit. I guess it's the same as this but without Ethernet and USB? https://www.anandtech.com/show/14982/owc-mercury-e...

    Answer: yes, judging by the video at the product link.
  • Tomatotech - Thursday, January 23, 2020 - link

    What's the point of the handle? Now I can't put my cup of tea on it.
  • PeachNCream - Thursday, January 23, 2020 - link

    *backs up everything important to DAS*
    *puts full glass of liquid atop DAS*

    Seems like something I'd do.
  • 1_rick - Thursday, January 23, 2020 - link

    Set the DAS on its side. Viola, teacup resting spot!
  • jabber - Thursday, January 23, 2020 - link

    Now add a battery pack that can power it for 5 hours at full data transfer rates...
  • flyingpants265 - Thursday, January 23, 2020 - link

    I wouldn't bother with a case like this without active cooling, at least a slim fan or something. No reason for my hard drives to reach up to 75c or higher in summer.

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