Unlike other makers of cooling systems, Noctua has its roadmap advertised on its websites and always updates it to reflect changes in its product development plans. The company's May 2023 roadmap brings several surprises as it adds 'Next-gen AMD Threadripper coolers' and removes white fans from its plans.

The main thing that strikes the eye in Noctua's roadmap is the mention of 'next-gen AMD Threadripper coolers' coming in the third quarter. These products were not on the roadmap in January, per a slide published by Tom's Hardware. AMD has been rumored to introduce its next-generation Ryzen Threadripper processors for workstations for a while, but this is almost the first time when we have seen a more or less official confirmation about the existence of such plans, albeit not from AMD, but one of its partners. 

Since the confirmation does not come from the CPU developer, we would not put our money into launching the next-generation Ryzen Threadripper based on the Zen 4 microarchitecture in Q3. Meanwhile, it is reasonable to expect AMD's codenamed Storm Peak processor to arrive sooner than later since the company has not updated this lineup in a while.

Other notable things in Noctua's roadmap are a bunch of Chromax black products due in Q4, a 24V to 12V voltage converted set to arrive in Q2, and a 24V 40-mm fan, which emphasizes that the company considers the ATX12VO ecosystem essential to address. In addition, the firm is prepping its next-generation 140-mm fans, which will arrive in Q1 2024 in regular colors and then later in the year in Chromax—black version.

Unfortunately, Noctua's next-generation NH-D15 cooler, which once was promised to arrive in Q1 2023, is not slated for sometime in 2024. Meanwhile, the company's roadmap no longer includes white fans for a reason we cannot explain. Perhaps, the company decided to devote its resources elsewhere, or maybe white plastic that the company considered for white fans did not meet its expectations.

Source: Noctua

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  • meacupla - Tuesday, May 9, 2023 - link

    That "Next Gen 140mm" with the LCP sterrox keeps getting delayed. I bet they'll release it in the 2050's, provided we're not all dead by then.
  • edzieba - Tuesday, May 9, 2023 - link

    The 24v 40mm and 24v-12v converter are probably aimed at the 3D printing market, where 24V is the (mostly) standard PSU voltage and 40mm is a very common fan size for hotend and part cooling fans.
  • evilspoons - Wednesday, May 10, 2023 - link

    24 volt is bog-standard for industrial controls. You could use it in a 3d printer, sure, but there's about a billion other more mundane applications too.
  • twotwotwo - Tuesday, May 9, 2023 - link

    Do folks read this as suggesting SP5 Threadrippers? Seems like older coolers could fit SP3/SP6 and at most you'd redesign them for higher TDP.

    SP5 seems awfully chonky for any sort of workstation, but I suppose the point of the whole segment is someone out there really wants that performance.
  • Samus - Wednesday, May 10, 2023 - link

    For all we know there could be a socket tweak or packaging tweak in the works for Threadripper. Perhaps lessons learned from the current-gen X3D CPU's (though that is obviously an entirely different platform than TR there could be some considerations being made for TR)
  • andychow - Thursday, May 11, 2023 - link

    Where/how can I buy Noctua stocks? I already buy and replace all my fans with them. And then I never need to buy another until I add another system, because their fans never break. And their solutions are near-equal to water cooling without the maintenance. I run my systems 24/7/365, I'm not looking for downtime due to cracked hoses.
    I don't even care if they make money. They make a consistently good product, I want to own a part of it. Where can I ship money to them?
  • GreenReaper - Sunday, May 14, 2023 - link

    Perhaps reach out to support@noctua.at? Per https://noctua.at/en/rascom-kolink they are a joint venture between Rascom, an Austrian LLC, and Kolink, a Taiwanese fan manufacturer without a working website.
  • GreenReaper - Sunday, May 14, 2023 - link

    Note also that there is https://kolink.eu which cites a change of ownership in 2014 on its own About page, so perhaps Rascom bought them out.
  • Scalptrash - Thursday, May 11, 2023 - link

    Disappointed they aren't going to make white fans, at least for a long time. Oh well, I guess Artic will get my money.

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