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Labtec LCS-2414
Multimedia Speakers

The Good
$49.95 MSRP

+ Great sound for the price and size
+ Compact design
+ Inexpensive

The Bad

- Too many cables
- Sub not shielded
- Unprotected sub driver
- No tone control or sub level

Labtec is claiming to have brought "breakthrough performance and power to the sub-50 dollar speaker market" and these claims are certainly well founded. There certainly are not many 3-piece speaker systems for under $50, and this one outperforms others costing much more.

If cash is tight, but you are looking for a system that does more than just produce loud distortion, but rather for one that produces crisp audio at reasonable volume levels, look no further than the Labtec LCS-2414.

bronze_award.jpg (12268 bytes)

For their outstanding performance/price value, the Labtec LCS-2414 are awarded the AnandTech Bronze medal.
Sound Quality


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