Quick Look

Palo Alto Products International
PA-600 Mid-Tower ATX

The Good


+ Thumb screw access
+ Removable Side panels
+ Drive rails
+ One Screw Motherboard    Mounting
+ Decent Price

The Bad

- Difficult to find
- Poor Expansion
- Noisier than ATCX

When you set out to build a computer where do you get your case from?  If you're like the hundreds of others out there, you most likely pick up your case from the same place you buy most of your other components because, after all, a case is just a case, right? 

Well, where do Dell, Gateway, Micron, NEC and Sun Microsystems go to get their cases from? You can bet your life that they aren't going to the same vendors and manufacturers that you are.   So who is to say that you can't get the same quality and style that the big boys are blessed with?

Enter Palo Alto Products, the company that makes a good percentage of the cases for those aforementioned system manufacturers.  For over 20 years the company has been manufacturing plastics and metals, but only in the past two months have we been able to take a look at the fruits of their efforts.

Their second contribution to the AnandTech lab came in the form of the PA-600, a more "cost effective" version of their praised ATCX that we reviewed back in July.  If anything, the PA-600 is the perfect incarnation of the 90's adage, you get what you pay for.  Boasting a few features absent from the ATCX, overall the PA-600 gives us less of an impressive performance than we were expecting from Palo Alto.  With the same weaknesses as the ATCX, the PA-600 adds on a handful of others that we'll be discussing in greater depth.  It also brings a few new useful items that unfortunately don't make up for its shortcomings as a Mid-Tower ATX case.  Let's first have a look at the specs before we dive into the case.  


Form Factor ATX Mid Tower
Drive Bays 2 external 5.25"
2 external 3.5"
2 internal 3.5"
Cooling 80 mm power supply exhaust fan
80 mm intake fan in front (optional)
92 mm exhaust fan adjacent to PSU (optional)
Other Features Thumb screw access
Removable Side panels
One-screw motherboard mounting system
16.4 x 6.7 x 15.5 inches
417 x 170 x 393 mm
Power Supply Delta Electronics DPS200PB-101
235 Watt

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