Quick Look

ColorCase Yuri/Venus

The Good


+ Translucent
+ High quality construction
+ Quiet
+ Tool-free side panel access
+ Efficient cooling

The Bad

- Expensive
Non-removeable motherboard tray
- Non-removeable drive bays

"Just over a year ago, iMac was born. Already two million people have discovered it’s the fastest, easiest way to the Internet. And a far more colorful one. " - iMac Product Information Page.

Whether the iMac really is the fastest or easiest way to get on the internet is certainly debatable. What is clear is that the iMac has changed the whole electronics industry for better or worse, largely by making it "far more colorful." Now PC case makers are scrambling to get in on the colored translucent craze.

ColorCase is one such manufacturer that was actually founded, as its name suggests, with the idea of providing some color to the mostly beige PC industry. Of course, they were also one of the first to jump on the translucent bandwagon with their Yuri and Venus models. The only difference between the two is the color, with the Yuri corresponding to Apple's "blueberry" and Venus to "tangerine."

The first translucent case AnandTech looked at was the A-Top Translucent X2, which was unfortunately less than inspiring. Let's see if the ColorCase Yuri/Venus can push forward the level of quality in this niche market.


Form Factor ATX Mid Tower
Drive Bays

Three external 5.25"
Two external 3.5"

Two internal 3.5"

Cooling Power supply exhaust fan
80mm intake fan in front (included)
Other Features Tool free side panel access

17 1/4" x 7 7/8" x 18 1/8"

Power Supply

Fortron/Source FSP300-60GN


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