Sprint will be joining AT&T and Verizon in carrying Apple's next iPhone, reports the Wall Street Journal citing "people familiar with the matter." This would make Sprint the third major US carrier to sell the iPhone, leaving T-Mobile (a potential AT&T acquisition target) as the last carrier without the device.

This move would certainly make sense for Apple, who has been offering the iPhone through more carriers both domestically and internationally after a few years of carrier exclusivity agreements, and since Sprint uses the same CDMA network as Verizon, Apple wouldn't need to make new hardware to make this happen.

Likewise, Sprint would much benefit from having the iPhone on its store shelves, and it might help to stop or slow the loss of its subscribers to other carriers, though on the flip side, a more competitive Sprint could help the AT&T-T-Mobile deal get past federal regulators. 

Apple's next iPhone has yet to be officially named or revealed, but the best available data points to a reveal in September and a release in September or October.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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  • Sangueffusor - Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - link

    Anandtech said it themselves: Sprint has more sane data plans than the others, but not a very impressive selection of phones. Surely this move will do them some good.
  • Rayb - Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - link

    Don't expect the data plans to stay that way for long once the phone is with the carrier.
  • yelped - Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - link

    It has nothing to do with this phone. Sprint has said repeatedly that it would not implement data caps in the next couple of years. In a few years, they might reconsider it. Don't forget, over the last couple of years, Sprint has added a $10 monthly charge for smartphones to try and recoup some of the higher costs. Their network is in many places congested do to their high volume of traffic. They are investing heavily in their "Network Vision" plan which should increase speeds and reduce costs. They are expected to announce future 4G plans in October, most likely 4G LTE, based on LightSquared's network that Sprint is building out for them, and Clearwire's future LTE-Advanced network. Sprint has the cheapest (by at least $30/month) plans, most perks, and the only national carrier with unlimited, unthrottled service.

    If they have top-of-the-line phones, which they have with the Evo 3D and Photon 4G, plus the upcoming Galaxy 2 variant and Iphone 5 for the Apple fanatics, then they're all set for the future.
  • anishannayya - Thursday, September 1, 2011 - link

    The $10 has nothing to do with smartphones.

    It has to do with mitigating the cost of 4G upgrades. As a result, only 4G phones are charged the fee.

    I'm a satisfied Sprint customer, but the 3G speeds really do suck. Hard. Luckily, I get 4G in my area outside, and am on WiFi indoors.

    Sprint is the Southwest of the mobile carriers. Now if they can only figure out how to consistently post profits like Southwest...
  • EJMOSES - Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - link

    Sure android is kicking apples pants...
  • anishannayya - Thursday, September 1, 2011 - link

    Yup. The numbers show it.
  • swampthing1117 - Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - link

    Evidently apple finally figured out that just being exclusive to one carrier is a good way to get your butt kicked.

    Someone needs to sue apple out of business.
  • anishannayya - Thursday, September 1, 2011 - link

    This was just an all around stupid comment.

    AT&T paid Apple significant fees for the iPhone to be an exclusive phone.

    And the second comment was just dumb.
  • gevorg - Wednesday, August 24, 2011 - link

    Another insider "leak" from WSJ. Gotta keep the masters happy, eh, Steve?
  • anishannayya - Thursday, September 1, 2011 - link

    It's because Walt Mossberg is the biggest Apple fanboy in the media (except maybe David Pouge).

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