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Just over a year ago, NVIDIA announced its intentions to acquire Mellanox, a leading datacenter networking and interconnect provider. And, after going through some prolonged regulatory hurdles, including approval by the Chinese government as well as a waiting period in the United States, NVIDIA has now closed on the deal as of this morning. All told, NVIDIA is pricing the final acquisition at a cool 7 billion dollars, all in cash. Overall, in the intervening year, NVIDIA’s reasoning for acquiring the networking provider has not changed: the company believes that a more vertically integrated product stack that includes high-speed networking hardware will allow them to further grow their business, especially as GPU-powered supercomputers and other HPC clusters get more prominent. To that end, it’s hard...

Digging into Phoneline Networking and HomePNA 2.0

HomePNA 2.0 may lack the hype of its wireless 802.11b brethren, but it offers more bandwidth at a lower cost with a guaranteed upgrade path. Today we take an...

0 by Eric Hagen on 12/20/2001

Cutting all Cables: Phoneline vs. Wireless Networking

Running CAT5 cabling all over the house is not an option, so what do you do? Wireless is the cleanest route to go but what kind of performance...

0 by Eric Hagen on 10/30/2001

Windows XP: AnandTech Readers Speak-Out

With the release of Microsoft's new OS Windows XP, people are bound to have opinions. We asked you our readers, what your thoughts were on the latest from...

0 by Eric Hagen on 10/29/2001

What's Holding Linux Back?

Our own Paul Sullivan examines the question "what is holding Linux back" in his latest editorial.

1 by Paul Sullivan on 10/25/2001

The Power of Peer to Peer

Find out how the Peer to Peer revolution can save your company thousands without reducing productivity.

0 by Paul Sullivan on 10/2/2001

Microsoft: An Interesting Case Study

Our own Paul Sullivan takes an editorial look at the good and the bad of the most powerful company the industry has ever seen: Microsoft.

2 by Paul Sullivan on 9/25/2001

The State of Corporate IT: A case for Linux

With the recent economic downturn corporations are looking for ways to reduce spending. Our own Paul Sullivan takes a look at one approach using the almighty penguin.

0 by Paul Sullivan on 8/31/2001

Behind AnandTech - APPRO's 1124 760MP Server: The Perfect Server?

We're at it again, we've upgraded yet another one of our servers. This time around, we seem to have struck gold. Find out how the transition to...

0 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 8/7/2001

The XP Transition - Revisiting with RC1

With Windows XP RC1 and two additional test platforms, we took another look at the XP Transition.

2 by Randall Kennedy on 7/25/2001

The XP Transition – Feel the Pain

Our first IT/Enterprise Computing article focuses on an examination of cross-generational OS and application performance as it applies to enterprise windows computing. In other words, how much in...

1 by Randall Kennedy on 7/10/2001

Welcome to the IT Computing Section at AnandTech

What's this new section all about? Your host, Randall Kennedy, would be more than happy to give you a quick introduction.

0 by Randall Kennedy on 7/10/2001

Behind AnandTech - 2001 Server Upgrade

Hardware load-balancing, Linux, and DDR SDRAM. What do those three things have in common? They are all behind the latest upgrade to the AnandTech Server Farm. ...

5 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 4/17/2001

Behind AnandTech - Upgrading the Server Farm

Bringing our server count up to 10, have a rare look at what went on as we take you behind the scenes of our latest server upgrade.

1 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 1/16/2001

Behind AnandTech - The Search for the Perfect Servers

Ever wonder what hardware we use to run AnandTech? For the first time, we take you on a tour of exactly what is serving the pages you see...

0 by Anand Lal Shimpi on 8/23/2000

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