As someone who uses Google Hangouts for both personal and work related correspondence, I've always been frustrated that the only viable options for using it are to install Chrome and use the Hangouts extension, or to use the outdated looking interfaces on Google+ or the Hangouts website. With Hangouts becoming a product that extends to messages, phone calls, video conferences, and even the default SMS app on many Android devices, it really felt strange that its web presence seemed so neglected, and felt confined to just being a sidebar on other Google sites. Today that has changed with Google's revamp of their dedicated Hangouts website. While the new website wont satisfy users who still want a dedicated Hangouts application for their computers, it's a much...

Google Redesigns Hangouts for Android With Version 4.0

Today Google shipped a major update to their Hangouts application for Android. Ever since Hangouts for iOS was updated to 4.0 a little over a month ago Android users...

37 by Brandon Chester on 8/10/2015

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