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Over the past few months, Intel has been drip-feeding information about its next-generation processor family. Alder Lake, commercially known as Intel’s 12th Generation Core architecture, is officially being announced today for a November 4th launch. Alder Lake contains Intel’s latest generation high-performance cores combined with new high-efficiency cores for a new hybrid design, along with updates to Windows 11 to improve performance with the new heterogeneous layout. Only the six high-performance K and KF processor variants are coming this side of the New Year, with the rest due for Q1. We have specifications, details, and insights ahead of the product reviews on November 4th.

Intel Xeon Sapphire Rapids: How To Go Monolithic with Tiles

One of the critical deficits Intel has to its competition in its server platform is core count – other companies are enabling more cores by one of two routes...

99 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 8/31/2021

Intel Architecture Day 2021: Alder Lake, Golden Cove, and Gracemont Detailed

This week Intel held its annual Architecture Day event for select press and partners. As with previous iterations, the company disclosed details about its next generation architectures set to...

222 by Dr. Ian Cutress & Andrei Frumusanu on 8/19/2021

Intel's Process Roadmap to 2025: with 4nm, 3nm, 20A and 18A?!

In today’s Intel Accelerated event, the company is driving a stake into the ground regarding where it wants to be by 2025. CEO Pat Gelsinger earlier this year stated...

322 by Dr. Ian Cutress on 7/26/2021

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