Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) started to install its El Capitan supercomputer that promises to achieve computational performance of over 2 FP64 ExaFLOPS for classified national security research. Parallel to this, the LLNL also plans to introduce a less potent but still extremely fast supercomputer named Tuolumne. This companion model will be dedicated to unclassified research and will offer 10% to 15% of El Capitan's computational prowess, which is still enough to beat most of the systems in the current Top500 supercomputer list. While LLNL's El Capitan will not be the first exascale system and will not even be the first to break 2 FP64 ExaFLOPS performance record, it is still a very special system as it will be the first exascale supercomputer to use...

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