We don’t often cover the FPGA market here at AnandTech, but in the past couple of years we have seen the array of features that FPGAs are implementing expand at an incredible rate. Xilinx has been at some of the forefront of those innovations, with products such as Versal on 7nm and its Alveo family. One key part of Xilinx’s business is emulation and simulation, which requires large FPGAs to fit large designs onto - and the company recently lifted the lid on its latest creation, the Virtex Ultrascale+ VU19P. This new FPGA, when it comes to market, will hold the title of the World’s Largest FPGA.

Xilinx Announce New RFSoCs for 5G, Covering Sub-6 GHz and mmWave

More often than not, embedded wireless equipment, the infrastructure that powers it, and the systems that test the deployed hardware don’t just use off-the-shelf parts. As with 4G and...

6 by Ian Cutress on 2/21/2019

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