Adding to its extensive selection of CPU air coolers, be quiet! has announced its latest entry-level model, the Pure Rock 2. Building on the success of the original Pure Rock cooler, the be quiet! Pure Rock 2 keeps it simple with support for up to 150 W TDP processors, and comes with an included Pure Wings 2 120 mm PWM fan.

The be quiet! Pure Rock 2 has four 6 mm heat pipes with a direct contact baseplate design for better cooling performance. Targetted entry-level users, the Pure Rock 2 boasts the same 150 W TDP cooling performance as the previous Pure Rock model. To aid memory compatibility, the Pure Rock 2 cooler uses an asymmetrical design.

It comes in two versions including a standard silver, or in black which looks good with its anodised coating. Supplied with the be quiet! Pure Rock 2 is a single Pure Wings 2 120mm PWM cooling fan, with fan retention clips for two fans included in the accessories.

The be quiet! Pure Rock 2 is set to launch in April with an MSRP of around $40 for the silver model, and $44 for the black model.

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  • AshlayW - Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - link

    Good thing my 3700X came with a pretty decent cooler right in the box. :)
  • Dragonstongue - Wednesday, January 15, 2020 - link

    I am using DeepCool Gammax 400 (in push pull) for my 3600, not had any issues thus far, kept the "not as good" stock cooler in the box.

    was all I could afford, though should not have bought when I did and been more patient overall (such is life) still need to put better GPU (when I can, if I ever can afford it) to move away from my 7870 to something remotely modern similar or lower power while much much higher performing (in most things) for me a 5600 XT seems like might be the one, however, budget wise I wait (no choice)

    overall this cooler seems like probably would and will work well, hopefully it supports AMD and Intel just as well (north south and/or east west cooling ability)

    sadly many cooler makers decide allow Intel to do such but force AMD into only the north south orientation which often results in that much worse cooling (in most chassis)
  • SarinaCronin - Thursday, November 18, 2021 - link

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