For years, developing and deploying remote office branch office (ROBO) IT operations relied heavily on slow, unreliable, and hard-to-manage hard drive (HDD) solutions. Not to mention the added costs of dedicated onsite IT personnel and the hassle of complicated software needed to manage multiple systems.

For small businesses and IT departments with limited budgets, you need a cost-effective way to virtualize your environment without having to compromise on speed or reliability.

StarWind has been developing enterprise IT infrastructure for 10 years and has become a recognized leader in the industry. They recently scored 4.8 out of 5 stars in Gartner’s “Voice of the Customer” HCI report for 2020 and were included in their Magic Quadrant for the third year in a row.

StarWind designed its new all-Flash Hyperconverged Appliance (HCA) specifically with those challenges in mind. They wanted to develop a platform that gives you peace of mind for your mission-critical applications without having to invest a fortune in IT hardware and staff.

StarWind hyperconverged infrastructure node

The company takes full advantage of the power gains from using all-flash, SSD drives giving you incredible speeds up to 15 times faster than HDD products with a random I/O performance of 6000 IOPS. SSD systems also have virtually zero access time, drastically increasing your system performance.

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They have built three different versions of their HCA to fit a range of business needs which you can read more about in their datasheet.

This all-flash HCA combines read-intensive and mixed-use drives to provide a powerful data solution without breaking the bank. It also cuts down on space and energy use by building everything into a 2-node package that is more energy-efficient.

Another challenge of managing hyperconverged infrastructures is they are often set up on multiple systems and require additional software to monitor them. StarWind designed their HCA to run on a web browser so you get single-pane-of-glass management of your system.

StarWind’s all-flash HCA is easy to set up and configure because they do it all for you. The system comes entirely preconfigured and their engineers will test and deploy the solution for free.

The company backs up their HCA with premium support that monitors the health of the systems 24/7/365, and will troubleshoot any concerns before they become an issue and simply notify you after everything has been resolved.

The new HCA comes highly rated from within the IT industry with IT Central Station awarding it the number three spot in the SDS category for their Peer Awards in 2021.

StarWind has harnessed the power of SSD technology to bring incredible power, performance, and efficiency to an affordable package, perfect for enterprise ROBO, SMB, & Edge environments.

If you’re interested, you can schedule a demo for more information.

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