06:08PM EST - And we begin

06:08PM EST - Don McGuire to the stage, CMO

06:09PM EST - Snapdragon for a decade

06:09PM EST - Driving next gen experiences

06:09PM EST - Preference for snapdragon global all time high

06:10PM EST - 2B+ snapdragon devices

06:10PM EST - 3.5M snapdragon insiders around the globe

06:10PM EST - These are super fans

06:10PM EST - They invited some to the event

06:10PM EST - Snapdragon has 53% brand awareness globally

06:10PM EST - 80% in china

06:11PM EST - Prepare for the next snapdragon

06:11PM EST - Thrilled with the evolution

06:11PM EST - Bold changes to logo and badge designs

06:11PM EST - Simplified mobile platform naming structure

06:11PM EST - rejig the brand

06:12PM EST - Snapdragon 8 series platform

06:12PM EST - new era for the brand, prem performance

06:12PM EST - build the brand

06:12PM EST - rising beyond user expectation

06:12PM EST - Lineup of announcements today

06:12PM EST - ecosystem of partners here at the event

06:12PM EST - Cristiano Amon to the stage, CEO

06:13PM EST - 'I heard this is the coolest tech industry event'

06:13PM EST - All about the flagships

06:13PM EST - Industry changes

06:15PM EST - Qualcomm defines premium

06:15PM EST - exceeding user experience

06:15PM EST - Demand for mobile is at an all-time high

06:16PM EST - taking mobile technology to new experiences

06:16PM EST - Influencing more than just smartphones

06:16PM EST - Laptops, gaming, XR

06:16PM EST - Snapdragon at the center

06:17PM EST - Engineering solutions

06:17PM EST - No-one has ever said 'my connection is fast enough'

06:17PM EST - There's more you can do with a smartphone

06:17PM EST - What you come to expect from Qualcomm

06:18PM EST - Snapdragon remains the platform with industry leading performance and features

06:18PM EST - Building technologies across every single area of processing and connectivity to build the best of what you can get in mobile

06:18PM EST - AI is an incredible technology

06:19PM EST - Scaling in the datacenter

06:19PM EST - But true scaling occurs at the edge with end-user devices

06:19PM EST - Connected via 5G, naturally

06:19PM EST - AI perf/watt

06:19PM EST - Apply AI to everything

06:19PM EST - Without compromising battery life

06:20PM EST - Today is about how snapdragon with continue to provide experiences and improve on them

06:20PM EST - evolution of social interactions, gaming

06:20PM EST - Will be able to continue to redefine premium mobile experiences

06:20PM EST - Start with connectivity

06:21PM EST - Reliable connectivity is required

06:21PM EST - More computation in the cloud, more data in the cloud, so connectivity has to be there and reliable

06:21PM EST - Most people watching the livestream are likely relying on a wireless technology, Wi-Fi or 4G/5G

06:22PM EST - X65 is first release 16 modem

06:23PM EST - 4nm process efficiency

06:23PM EST - Only solution supporting mmWave and Sub-6

06:24PM EST - World first 10G modem using 3GPP release 16

06:24PM EST - Continuing the part of the story

06:24PM EST - Upload speed is just as important as download

06:25PM EST - Enables the ability to store all your data in the cloud as if it was local

06:25PM EST - 3.5 Gbps uplink

06:26PM EST - 8K Livestream HDR over 5G mmWave to mainland US with Verizon 5G and bitripple

06:26PM EST - With smartphones

06:28PM EST - 10,000s of USD to make it happen

06:28PM EST - mmWave in New Jersey

06:28PM EST - Working hard on C-band on Verizon

06:29PM EST - Give customers new capabilities to drive their lives and businesses

06:30PM EST - mmWave enables much more spectrum possibilities

06:31PM EST - Super excited about getting traction globally

06:33PM EST - Qualcomm pushes the boundaries on camera

06:33PM EST - Multi-gigapixel speeds on the camera

06:34PM EST - 4K HDR video recorded on snapdragon

06:34PM EST - Computational HDR

06:34PM EST - Now 8K

06:35PM EST - Also use AI on top

06:35PM EST - Professional edits

06:35PM EST - make the camera contextually aware

06:36PM EST - Take smartphone cameras to next gen quality

06:37PM EST - Now a camera expert to the stage

06:40PM EST - Lights looks mode available for snapdragon smartphones - ai enhancement

06:41PM EST - Leica used to have a Huawei relationship, it's now with Qualcomm

06:41PM EST - Now for audio

06:42PM EST - lag free audio for gaming

06:42PM EST - true to life for gaming and calls

06:42PM EST - industry first to stream lossless CD bluetooth audio

06:43PM EST - Musician to the stage now

06:46PM EST - Musician is doing a set later today

06:47PM EST - Now for gaming

06:47PM EST - Mobile gaming is now mainstream gaming

06:47PM EST - Leading form of entertainment

06:48PM EST - Fast growing industry

06:48PM EST - enabling qualcomm to bring desktop-level to mobile

06:48PM EST - maximum FPS

06:49PM EST - high resolution displays, connectivity

06:49PM EST - Pushing the boundaries of mobile gaming

06:49PM EST - 10-bit HDR gaming, VRS

06:50PM EST - Working with the ecosustem

06:50PM EST - Working with gamers

06:50PM EST - >Do gamers _really_ know what they want/need ?

06:50PM EST - Announcing partnership with ESL

06:52PM EST - Co-CEO of ESL to the stage

06:53PM EST - Gaming is the best

06:53PM EST - The leader in mobile gaming

06:53PM EST - Partner with Qualcomm and cement Qualcomm as the leader in this space

06:54PM EST - Big stuff happening next year

06:54PM EST - Snapdragon defines premium android

06:54PM EST - Over 30+ OEMs

06:55PM EST - Google to the stage

06:56PM EST - 'Innovation happens first on Android'

06:59PM EST - Excited about Android/Qualcomm collaborations

07:01PM EST - Qualcomm to demo at GoogleIO

07:02PM EST - Alex Katouzian to the stage

07:03PM EST - Tech Summit is about showcasing the latest and greatest

07:03PM EST - supercharging the mobile industry

07:03PM EST - This is directly linked to snapdragon mobile

07:03PM EST - Innovation on Snapdragon starts on the smartphone

07:03PM EST - Mobile technology has ended up in XR, smart watches, laptops, automotive

07:04PM EST - smart home

07:04PM EST - telematics

07:05PM EST - The smartphone is the hub

07:06PM EST - The past roadmap was traditional semiconductor

07:07PM EST - The new roadmap is different

07:07PM EST - user experiences drive innovation

07:08PM EST - Connectivity like 5G mmWave improves events and campses

07:08PM EST - a lot of focus on AI

07:09PM EST - especially for camera

07:10PM EST - Snapdragon in 1.6 billion smartphones

07:10PM EST - shot on snapdragon program

07:11PM EST - snapdragon leads on video

07:12PM EST - Showcasing 8K video.... with a 720p screen

07:13PM EST - Amazon now talking about audio

07:14PM EST - UltraHD and Spacial audio

07:14PM EST - Spatial*

07:14PM EST - Now for security

07:15PM EST - Innovative solutions on snapdragon, such as 3D sonic fingerprint and facial recognition

07:15PM EST - (Did anyone use Sonic 3D Fingerprint?)

07:16PM EST - Stopping fraudulent 5G connections through Qualcomm

07:16PM EST - In gaming, others are still figuring out their gaming strategy

07:17PM EST - Only qualcomm works with game developers and all major engine developers to optimize on smartphones

07:17PM EST - Mobile gaming creates more revenue than the rest of the gaming industry combined

07:18PM EST - (What's the breakdown for IAPs for basic games)

07:18PM EST - Next platform announcement

07:19PM EST - Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

07:19PM EST - Read our article on it here for more info: https://www.anandtech.com/show/17091/qualcomm-announces-snapdragon-8-gen-1-flagship-soc-for-2022-devices

07:20PM EST - Or stay with the live blog for the onstage details (sometimes they throw in new info)

07:20PM EST - #8 has represented top tier for QC for a decade

07:21PM EST - 8 Gen 1 is Qualcomm's most powerful snapdragon built to date

07:21PM EST - China partners are already using most if not all of 8 Gen 1's characteristics

07:21PM EST - Xiaomi pre-recorded video time

07:23PM EST - Focusing on user experiences: Connectivity, AI, Gaming, Camera

07:23PM EST - 7th Gen AI engine

07:24PM EST - Chris Patrick to the stage, GM of Mobile Handset at Qualcomm Technologies

07:25PM EST - Been at QC 25 years as an engineer, now getting in front of the press to talk about the technology

07:25PM EST - The drive to always be connected

07:26PM EST - Snapdragon is at the heart of being connected

07:26PM EST - X65 5G Modem RF - 4th Gen

07:27PM EST - These phones will be first to combine Sub6 and mmWave into a single 'session'

07:27PM EST - This is the first 10Gbps 5G solution

07:27PM EST - in download

07:27PM EST - World First 3GPP Release 16 solutions

07:28PM EST - Unlocking 5G opportunities, deployments, industries

07:28PM EST - 4th Gen Elite Gaming

07:28PM EST - 4th Gen Adreno

07:29PM EST - Volumetric rendering

07:29PM EST - Snapdragon Sight - the new premium camera brand

07:30PM EST - 8K HDR mentioned again

07:30PM EST - That's the third time now

07:31PM EST - 7th Gen AI Engine for Cameras, Productivity, Language processing, Security, Gaming, Health

07:31PM EST - Relies on software support ofc

07:31PM EST - GPU is rebuilt from ground up btw

07:31PM EST - AI perf is now 4X previous gen

07:33PM EST - More details later today in the Mobile Hardware session

07:35PM EST - That's a wrap for this keynote. There's another session later, with more technical details

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