Nvidia's announcement today is a bit interesting, as it seems to head-off one of the most commonly perpetuated rumors that I read online in the SoC space. Namely, that certain SoCs are "incompatible" with LTE. In an attempt to stave-off this misconception from taking root with Tegra 3, Nvidia today is announcing a next-gen pact with LTE baseband suppliers Renesas and GCT Semiconductor. 

Both Renesas and GCT Semiconductor currently have UE Category 3 LTE basebands of their own. GCT Semiconductor has its GDM7240 which supports FDD-LTE and has integrated RF, and Renesas has their own TDD/FDD-LTE baseband which also supports DC-HSPA+ and GPS. The end result of this pact is some definitive proof that Tegra 3 works with LTE (which isn't a surprise at all). In addition, we fully expect that Tegra 3 will have no problem integrating with other popular LTE basebands from the rest of the usual suspects in that space as well, given their implied compatibility with these existing LTE parts from Renesas and GCT. 

Source: Nvidia Blog, GCT, Renesas

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