Today, Broadcom is announcing a new WiFi/BT combo chip that succeeds the BCM4354. According to Broadcom, the key features of this new chipset are enhanced WiFi/BT coexistence performance, integrated PA/LNA/TR switch, transmit beamforming and low density parity check codes, and angle of arrival direction finding technology. According to Dino Bekis, VP of mobile wireless connectivity, the biggest difference between this chipset and BCM4354 would be the improved coexistence performance.

This chipset is now in production and should make its way into mobile devices in Q3 2014.

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  • t0mat0 - Wednesday, September 3, 2014 - link

    "and will be shipping in mobile devices available in Q3 2014."
    That's pretty specific. Within 4 weeks, it'll be in a phone available. What comes out in that timeframe?
    For the BCM4354, it got announced Feb 24th ish 2012 when in production (The Samsung Galaxy S5 was unveiled that day, but didn't go on sale till April?) - seeing as Q3 is July-Sept 2014, and we're already in 2014 - is this meaning it's in the iPhone?
    The successor to the BCM4334 in the iPhone 5s was maybe thought to be to the BCM4354, but Broadcom is being definite in when it's available. A positive for the iPhone 6

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